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Jose E. Castillo

Professor of Mathematics


Research Interests

Dr. Castillo has a wide range of interests in applied mathematics with emphasis in numerical solution of partial differential equations, scientific computing, and modeling. His numerical interests are mainly in the solution of partial differential equations in irregular geometries with emphasis on grid generation for both geometry and solution adaption. He has developed new grid generation algorithms based on intuitive discrete geometric notions and has built codes to implement these ideas. He has studied the underlying mathematics including existence and uniqueness, and smoothness properties of the variational problems. He has an ongoing cooperation with the CNLS and the T7 group at Los Alamos National Laboratory with research projects involving High Order Finite Difference Schemes, Error analysis and Adaptive Grid Generation methods. DOE via Summer Fellowships has funded this research at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Dr. Castillo is director of the San Diego State University Computational Science Research Center. This center facilitates cooperation between the University and Industry as well as National Laboratories. The center involves participation of researchers from applied mathematics, computer science, astronomy, physics, geophysics, and engineering.